A Practical Guide to
Maximizing Your Strengths in Your Life and Career 

Imagine what might be possible if you could:

  • Discover your true talents and strengths.
  • Have the opportunity and the energy to do more of what you do best each day.
  • Cultivate your confidence, feel alive, energized and happy in your job and life. 

Get registered today to discover practical ways to make a
strengths-based approach foundational in your life and career. 

To date, studies have found that people who consistently
take a 
strengths development approach to work and life
experience many of the following transformations:

  • HAPPIER – they report lower levels of depression, higher levels of vitality, and good mental health
  • EXPERIENCE LESS STRESS – they report higher levels of positivity and in particular the development of strengths appear to create a buffer against the negative effects of stress and trauma
  • FEEL HEALTHIER AND HAVE MORE ENERGY – greater endorsement of strengths is associated with a number of healthy behaviors including leading an active life, pursuing enjoyable activities, and eating well
  • FEEL MORE SATISFIED WITH THEIR LIVES – individuals who are satisfied with life are good problems-solvers, show better work performance, tend to be more resistant to stress and experience better physical health
  • ARE MORE CONFIDENT – both strengths knowledge and strengths use are significantly associated with self-efficacy, self-esteem, self-acceptance, and self- confidence
  • EXPERIENCE FASTER GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT – positive self-monitoring and strengths building are particularly suited to circumstances when you’re learning something new, something difficult, or something perceived as difficult
  • ARE MORE CREATIVE AND AGILE AT WORK – feelings of authenticity, vitality and concentration created by developing strengths help people to better adapt to change, engage in more creative and proactive behaviors, pay more attention to detail, and work harder
  • FEEL MORE SATISFIED AND EXPERIENCE MORE MEANING IN THEIR WORK – people who use four or more of their top strengths at work are more likely to experience job satisfaction, pleasure, engagement, and meaning in their work

Why I’m passionate about the transformational power of STRENGTHS!

I’ve been in the field of personal and business development for over thirty years and I am so excited to share with you the one tool,
the one technique, the one approach I believe is fundamental in having you go to entirely new levels of success and fulfillment in your life and
career. I’m passionate about it  because of the effect it’s had in my own life and career as well as, the impact I’ve seen it have with my clients.

After almost 20 years in a field I loved and still love, something strange happened to me. Somewhere along the line I had gotten sucked into the
idea that my greatest opportunities for continued growth and greater success were through fixing my weaknesses. So, I worked hard to change many
things about myself and I admit there was some in value in putting focus on improving my weaknesses but there was also a significant downside.

As time went on I began to feel less confident, less excited and less motivated. I had started out very strong as the Director of Training at one of the
largest and most influential personal development companies in the world and after several promotions, I was having to drag myself to work for the first
time in my
life! It was difficult to understand why because I was trying very hard to fix my weaknesses so I could become a better leader.

Despite all that effort, I was losing my joy, my enthusiasm, some of what made me, me and I wasn’t improving significantly in my weak areas. Finally I just said, “Even if I’m copping out, I’m done.” It was a journey back as I discovered and applied the power of taking a strengths approach  to my work and my life. I’ll be forever grateful I was able to shift my focus and direct my continued growth in alignment with my natural talents and strengths. It is a profound joy to have found myself again and to live and work primarily in my strengths.

And best of all…now I have the honor to help YOU identify, develop and maximize your strengths and talents in your life and career!

Introducing the
Transformation through STRENGTHS Course

What I hear again and again from my clients is once they know how to develop their strengths, new opportunities start to open up for them.

As they begin to feel more confident, happier and more energized in their work, they can create the kinds of careers and lives they truly love.

Now I’m offering that opportunity to you through my LIVE, interactive, online training course, Transformation through Strengths.

What You’ll Learn In Transformation through STRENGTHS


When you enroll, you’ll immediately receive the Session One Video: The Transformational Power of Taking a Strengths Approach to Work and Life.  The intro video will give you additional background on why taking a strengths approach to your life and career will truly be transformational. The examples and studies will give you an deeper understanding of why embracing your strengths will give you the greatest opportunities to succeed, while also feeling fulfilled.

In addition, you will receive assignments to prepare you for Session 2: Discover Your Strengths. By completing the assignments, you’ll be able to take greater advantage of the first interactive session with Debra and the other students.


Some people have spent so much time focusing on their weaknesses, they’ll actually need to develop the muscle of focusing on what’s right with themselves. As you get more practiced at that, you’ll find you will feel stronger and stronger. Learning to identify your own natural talents and strengths will be foundational in creating greater success and fulfillment in your life and career. It’s also powerful to learn how to identify and appreciate the strengths of others… your family, friends, co-workers & employees.

You will be coming to this session having already begun to discover your unique talents and strengths. Each of you will have sent me your Top Five Strengths you will receive from taking the StrengthsFinder 2.0 Assessment. We will look at specific strengths that many of you have in common and I will work with several on you one-on-one to more deeply explore and discover.  


Knowing your strengths is only the beginning. You could think of some of your natural talents more as natural tendencies. An simple example most anyone can appreciate is the natural athletisicm some people have. However unless they spend many hours cultivating that talent, they’ll never realize their true potential. While most people ‘get it’ as it relates to sports and other external pursuits, they sometimes don’t realize our innate character also requires time and practice to be utilized at its full potential.

There are three critical aspects of developing your natural talents and strengths. We will delve into each of these and create some simple plans for your development of your strengths.


Continuing through time to harness the power of your strengths and then applying those to pursuits you truly care about is where the magic happens. I like to think of this as turning your strengths into your very own Super Powers.

Maximizing your strengths is a joyful, life-long pursuit and my greatest desire is that you’ll leave this course set on a true journey of ongoing transformation!

So, take a quick moment to close your eyes and consider what might be possible if you:

  • Felt confident enough to show up and do more of the things that mattered most to you in your work.
  • Could help others shine by bringing out the best in them, and showing them how to do more of what they do best every day.
  • Truly had enough energy and courage to joyfully live your life, and to be of service – as only you can – in the world.

I truly believe that when we feel happier, more connected, and truly alive in our work and in our life, the world becomes a better place for all of us.

It’s my heartfelt hope that you’ll join us.

All the best,