Your teacher could be a character from a movie; maybe a small child opens your eyes;  the teacher could one of the Olympians you’re watching this week on t.v.; the teacher could be your future self; you just never know!

When I first decided (many, many years ago) that I refused to stay on the path I was on, I felt it deep in my bones.  I knew there was something more for me in this world even though I wasn’t sure what it was.  I wasn’t sure if I could ever do or be more and I was completely devoid of any kind of plan. I felt like there was no one for me to turn to for inspiration or to extend a hand to help pull me out of that pit.

Well that’s just BSBelief System and yes, Bull Shit! – there is always someone there for the person who is committed.
 There is an old saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” There are teachers, mentors, friends, people who have done things you want to do and they are all around you.

It is only through eyes that have already resolved that something must change that your teach will appear to you or maybe better said, that you will open yourself to him or her.

What do you want to make happen? Whatever it is, decide NOW to do it, have it, be it, or create it! Then you’ll recognize there is a teacher, mentor, coach out there to support you – probably many. There is someone waiting to believe in you (even before you completely believe in yourself), someone to inspire you and/or lovingly kick your butt, someone who has real answers and strategies.

Successful people – whether their success is in business, relationships, health, finances, or spirituality – have one thing in common.  They make a high percentage of good choices and they recover quickly from their bad choices.  How do they increase the percentage of good choices?  When they make a bad choice, they learn from it and avoid repeating it.  It’s a simple formula.

Choices direct the path we follow; they lead us toward or away from what we truly want most.  It’s not only the big choices that make the difference.  It’s choices you repeat i.e. a double cheeseburger every day can put you in an early grave while exercising regularly can keep your body strong and healthy.  Success in anything means repeating the good choices consistently and not repeating the bad choices.  However, it requires daily consciousness and attention.  A coach can help 😉