We hope you enjoy these short, complimentary videos from The DR Resource Center.

Click Here to view this video which will help you remember to bypass an All or Nothing approach in favor of All or SOMETHING!

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Are you a Dabbler, a Stressor, or a MASTER? Click Here to learn how to use The Master’s Path to create greater success and fulfillment.

Click Here to learn how to use Circles of Influence for directing your focus, your attention and energy.

Learn how to maximize your natural strengths and talents. Click Here to find out how to Turn Yours Strengths into Superpowers! 

Click Here to learn how to use The Magic Ratio to increase confidence, success and enjoyment in your life and work!

Click Here to learn How to Use Constraints and Limits to Your Advantage as many innovators have done!

There is scientific proof of the info in this video…Two Minutes to Higher Confidence and Lower StressClick Here to find out more.

Click Here to learn how Scheduling Creates Freedom with a simple 3-step process to get tons accomplished while feeling lighter & freer.

Click Here to see Scott Dinsmore’s interview with Debra Russell about her thoughts on How to Achieve Massive Results!