Previously I wrote about ‘going until’ you reach your desired outcome but what do you do when procrastination rears it’s nasty little head? Procrastination is a funky obstacle to experiencing the things we want to do, be, have, or create and it’s something most of us have faced at one time or another.

Procrastination comes in many forms…

Maybe it shows up as getting busy doing something else, focusing on all of the reasons not to do the thing that takes you closer to your outcome, going to sleep, eating, calling someone on the phone, focusing on how hard it is, or focusing on all of the details until you are totally discouraged – wait a minute maybe those are just my ways to procrastinate and this about YOU 😉

Think about it – what are your preferred methods of procrastinating? Almost all of them are simply distractions, ways to stay in the comfort zone and out of the possibility zone. Sometimes we distract ourselves with actions i.e. doing something else; sometimes we distract ourselves with thinking and creating mind loops but all distractions do one thing – they take us away from what we truly desire.

How do you overcome procrastination? Are you ready for the magic formula? Here it is:

Procrastinate Procrastination

Procrastinate the distraction and just go ahead and do whatever you want or need to do NOW.

For example, you need to write that report, call that person, get up off your butt and exercise and you start thinking… Well, I’ll do it later but now I really need/want to take a nap or watch this tv program, wash the car – you get the idea. Just say nope – I’ll nap AFTER I…, I’ll DVR the program and watch it AFTER I…, I’ll wash the car AFTER I…, I’ll think of all the reasons why I can’t do it AFTER I…

Procrastinate the distraction and take at least one step toward your original goal FIRST!

Procrastinating procrastination is a fun game! Give it a try for one week and let me know what happens.

Your coach,

To think too long about doing a thing often becomes its undoing. ~Eva Young