What happens when you try to control something you simply you can’t control? You make yourself crazy that’s what happens! You can’t control events – you believe you can until you live in New Orleans and Katrina happens. You can’t control the people in your life; you can influence people but you can’t control them.

However, there is something you can control and that is your response to events and people; you can control the meaning you give to whatever has occurred or is occurring in your life. The truth is it doesn’t matter who has said what to you or done what to you, you can still feel happy and fulfilled.

I knew of a man who had just taken over the reigns of a multi-million-dollar organization and in his first month cost the company millions because of a bad decision he made. Articles were written, business magazines put him on the cover and not to celebrate his success. What meaning did he give it? He framed the articles and covers and hung them in his office with pure determination to use the “mistake” to inspire future success (which he achieved).

The reverse is also true. People can tell you you’re amazing your whole life and you can still make yourself feel like crap. It’s always up to you!

You can decide NOW who to be, how to feel, what meaning to give any situation, and then what actions to take at any given moment in time.

Your biography does not define you (even if it happened ten minutes ago). You’re not your biography. You are defined by how you respond to the events and people in your life. It’s up to you to allow them to disempower you or to strengthen you and make you a better person. The distant past, the recent past or the present are things you can use you to take yourself down or that you can use to fuel your grow and expansion. Everybody’s got a biography; everybody’s got pain; what’s important is meaning you give it and then what you do with it.

Remember that you can’t control events; you can’t control people but you can enjoy the sense of power and control that will affect everything in your life. It’s the one thing you can always control and when you learn to control this, you determine your own happiness, fulfillment, connectedness, success and so much more!

Meaning = The Ultimate Way to Win the Game of Life!

Your coach,