Session Two: Discover Your Strengths

Create an Activity Sketch or Snapshot

  1. Capture as many of your daily activities as possible. Include daily routine things as well as, normal weekly activites. Then branch out to monthly, quarterly and even annually.
  2. Identify each activity as one of the following: STRENGTH, Talent, Good Enough or Not So Good Complete by creating an Activity Sketch or Snapshot.
  3. Complete the Activity Sketch

Create 3-5 Strength/Talent Statements

  1. Answer the following questions: What are some of my successes / accomplishments? What characteristics did I demonstrate to create those successes?
  2. Refer to the following: Your answers to the above questions, Your StrengthsFinder assessment results and Your Activity Sketch / Snapshot for inspiration.
  3. Write 3-5 (or more) Talent/Strength Statements. I’m Good/Great/Outstanding at (choose any words that resonate for you) and I enjoy/love/am passionate (choose any words that resonate for you) about it because…


I’m great at connecting with people in a fun and energetic way and I love it because I help them relax and open up.

I’m outstanding at listening, asking questions and getting to the core of the matter and I’m passionate about it because it’s a great way to get results.