Meet Debra

Tony Robbins says… “Debra Russell is a person of great depth and knowledge. She shares her valuable life experiences and skills with passion and caring. She is one of the top speakers and trainers I know.”

IMG_5129_brushed_croppedBoard Certified Coach, Debra Russellhas spent the last 30+ years coaching, consulting, speaking, and conducting trainings all over the world with people from all walks of life. She’s devoted to helping people live the lives they truly desire – both personally and professionally.

Coaching and training for Debra is much more than just talking the talk; she leads by example. In spite of a very difficult childhood in Mississippi, jumping out of the frying pan into the fire with three marriages by the age of 22, and raising her two children on her own, Debra persevered. She is living proof we can utilize whatever comes our way to create something much greater. After 12 years as a hairstylist, this single mom and former welfare recipient finally decided to change her life and she’s been on a fascinating and wonderful adventure ever since!

In her early 30’s, Debra became committed to learning and applying personal improvement philosophies and techniques. She immediately began making changes and within one year she had turned around her personal life and doubled her income as a hairstylist. Within four years of embarking on this new journey, she had attained a coveted position as Head Trainer and General Manager of the multi-million dollar training organization, Robbins Research International, Inc.

Since deciding to build her own coaching, training, consulting business, Debra has traveled to The Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, England, Australia, Malaysia, China, and South America delivering keynotes and conducting seminars. She has given seminars in Breakthrough Thinking to entire organizations, worked at the executive level in strategic planning and implementation, helped insure smooth transitions in large mergers, built cross-cultural teams in organizations, trained managers in being seamless in their ability to handle conflict, trained sales teams and non-sales team members in the art of influencing, among many other projects.

Debra says, “With all I’ve done, one of my deepest passions is helping people transform their lives and businesses through maximizing their most authentic self and their natural talents and strengths. It’s been proven to me again and again that leading with your strengths helps you access your greatest potential and is fundamental in creating success AND fulfillment in your life and work.”

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and go do that because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” – Howard Thurman