To create the life you desire you must begin by deciding what you truly want. So often we don’t think we have a choice; it is easy to look at our circumstances and feel like victims. Stop now. Clear your mind of what you think you can and/or cannot do. Clear your mind of what you think is or is not possible. Once you have done that, then you are free to imagine and choose the future.

The truth is that you’ve already begun the process. Since you are reading this blog, your unconscious mind – your inner voice/guidance (and maybe your conscious also) is leading you to change something. What is it? If you were free to create any life (which you are), what would you want to do or create, what kind of person would you want to be, and what things would you like to have?

I spent too many years deciding what I wanted for the future based on my past. For example, I did not graduate from high school so becoming general manager of multi-million dollar company (which I did) was not even something I could imagine back then. I spent my time building my future based upon the shaky ground of my past experiences and upon whichever current problems I found myself facing.

The key is to keep your eyes focused on the future you really want. The past is only valuable when you use it as a stepping -tone to create a successful tomorrow. Clearly defining what you want (in any situation) and then working backwards from that is the most important tool in getting anything and everything you desire.

Give it a go! Begin a journal. Start by brainstorming everything you would like to be, do, have and create in your life. Get clear about what you really want!

Live out your imagination, not your history.  ~Stephen Covey